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2014-04-25 Eclipse and Dark GTK Theme
2014-08-14 I Am Fed up, Goodbye Skype
2014-08-30 ALS Boobs Challenge
2014-09-27 Sand in the Butt
2014-09-30 Placebo
2015-03-08 Bash Pitfalls
2015-03-14 The Downsides of Free Food
2015-03-17 Free Hardware
2015-04-14 Switch Today, Switch Tomorrow
2015-04-28 Penguins
2015-05-26 University in the Butt
2015-06-02 Low Contrast
2015-06-05 Asshole Driven Development
2015-06-12 Speling Rifaurm
2015-08-19 Stupidity around the Web
2015-09-15 The speed of software halves every 18 months
2015-09-29 Stop Internet Explorer Development
2016-01-21 Suckoverflow
2016-03-08 Shit Data
2016-03-20 Fuck Microchip
2016-08-08 Want to Add Some Bloat to Your Website? Here Is One Tip
2017-09-13 Idiotic Telegram Crypto Challenge
2017-10-20 Interesting 6lang, Bug Report Turning Into a Novel
2017-10-20 Interesting 6lang – Bug Report Turning Into a Novel
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