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Edit2015-09-29 Stop Internet Explorer Development

As you might know, changing the name from Internet Explorer to Edge does not solve the problem.

Internet Explorer sucked and it still sucks. Edge is just a continuation of that, it is still far behind other browsers. If you are a web developer, you probably know this, but if not, then check out

The funny thing is that there is a platform where you can make suggestions about further development of various Microsoft… tools (which reminds me of this, by the way). Can you guess what was the best suggestion out there?

How can we improve the IE developer experience? – Stop Internet Explorer Development!

Since NIH syndrome is often a cause of brain death, they deleted it. Every next day there was a new one that basically said the same thing – Stop Internet Explorer Development, maybe just slightly reworded. And yes, they kept deleting these post! This suggestion was so popular that it was getting to the top very quickly, sometimes it was reaching the top position before they were removing it.

Yea, Microsoft, just shove your shit into everyone's ass and shut everyone up.

But here is another good one: Use Blink (or other open rendering engine) and start contributing code. This totally makes sense, right? If they cannot do it right (and they definitely can't, not even in foreseeable future), then why bother with creating your own engine? Just take one that works and slap your surveillance features on top, you'll get exactly the same thing but at least it will be on par with useful browsers.

Look at the answer! Just imagine that, someone is getting paid for writing shitty responses like this one! “We also understand and value the importance about being more open with our engine.” – what a bullshit. Microsoft understands the importance of being open? Look, the whole Microsoft is just a shitball that keeps rolling, you can't say that it values something because there is no ideology behind it, and personal opinion of somebody does not play any important role.

You can even take that answer and put it into history books, just for our next generations to laugh.

Be conscious and stop supporting Internet Explorer/Edge.

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